Two new releases out since our last update:

First up is the cassette version of Hue Blanc's Joyless Ones "Stoning Josephine" LP, which is out now on Certified PR Records!! The cassette version contains two bonus tracks "Bearing on the Moor" and "Pant and Heave" not included on the LP, but were previously released as a 7" on Certified PR Records! Cassette is limited to only 100 pro-dubbed and hand-numbered copies!

Next up we have a killer new cassette of primitive Garage screech from Kansas City's own Kool 100s called "Diet Black". This is the new project of John Larsen, who you might remember as the madman behind the one man band Mosquito Bandito, now enhanced as a full band! Ron Knox described Kool 100s as "a ripping, screaming jolt of proto-punk, rendered muddy by thick waves of distortion..." in this Noisey article. Pick this one up! Limited to only 200 pro-dubbed copies with screen printed covers!

We are also excited to announce our official release for Cassette Store Day this year will be a new cassette from Chicago's own Mac Blackout Band!! "City Lights" EP contains six brand new tracks from the band, and is absolutely KILLER!! This will be available online and in stores Saturday, October 17th, 2015 for the day. Still plenty of time to get your orders in! This will be limited to a mere 200 pro-dubbed copies. Don't miss out on this one!

I think that's about it for now. I've got 2 more irons in the fire, and still waiting to hear back about those, and hopefully we can get those out yet this year. Check back here so you'll be the first to know!

I am also going to be tweaking the site a bit over time, and hopefully be making it look better and easier to use. I will be starting a two year associates program in Web Development in December, and I am trying to learn up as much as possible before it starts. Wish me luck!

Thanks for stopping by and head over to the BUY page to check out the newest releases! I will also be posting up some new shirts and koozies, and hopefully have some new reviews up soon as well!!

So here is our big End of the Year/Beginning of the Year announcement!

Special thanks to all the people, bands and record stores that helped make 2014 our best year yet! International Cassette Store Day was a HUGE success! We were able to bring you 5 releases last year(a record!), 3 of which are available over on the "buy" page, and 2015 is already shaping up to be even better!! Our final release of 2014 was the cassette version of Fire Retarded's acclaimed "Scroggz Manor" LP!

Our first release of 2015 is another banger brought to you from the dudes over at Fire Retarded! "Live at Turkeyfest 2014" was recorded live to 8 tracks on November 14th at Mickey's Tavern in Madison, WI. Recorded, mixed and mastered by none other than Bobby Hussy! Limited to only 100 hand-nubered copies on solid green shell. Also features two Digital Leather covers! Check it out!

We are excited to announce that we will be working with Certified PR Records once again! We will be releasing the official cassette version of the Last Sons of Krypton "Teenage Trash" album! Certified PR will be releasing the LP, which was mastered by Bobby Hussy. The cassette version was mastered by "bradx" from the band, will feature a 3-panel jcard, and include a mini, fold-out "poster"! Also features a hidden bonus track not included on the LP! More details to come! This is limited to only 100 hand-numbered copies on green shell. We are now taking pre-orders for this release, and it will ship as soon as the LP drops which should be sometime around April 1st!

That's about it for now! Check back soon for more updates and announcements!

International Cassette Store Day happens worldwide September 27th, 2014! Click the link to check out all of the stores, releases and labels participating, and find out how YOU can get involved!

Our first release for the day will be Madison, WI duo, The Hussy performing two sessions live on WFMU! Both sessions originally aired on Terre T's Cherry Blossom Clinic! Cassette will be limiited to only 200 copies!

Our second release will be a solo album by Parker Steele called "Ultragiving". Parker Steele has been busy since joining Omaha transplants Worried Mothers. Having helped write/record two albums with the band, he somehow found the time to produce two albums worth of solo material in his basement studio. Ultragiving is a culmination of those two albums. Unleashing his pop sensiblities mixed with his irrefutable rock and roll background, this 12-song cassette churns out an aural assault that resonates through the cosmos. Bleeding synths, pummeling guitars and vocals completely drenched in reverb, Steele cries out in anquish: "I won't complain, I only beg for nothing". Limited to only 25 copies!

Steele's resume includes two cassettes with Worried Mothers: "TAPE"(DoomTown), "Joys of Sucess"(Rainy Road), Dead German's "Vicious Repent" LP(Dead Beat), a 7" with Ric Rhythm and the Revengers(Shit In Can), as well as a handful of CDRs with that band.

Worred Mothers are set to hit the road later this month, and we are releasing a 17-song cassette to send with them. "The Joys of Success" will feature brand-new material, as well as select tracks from everything they have released to date. This release will only be available from the band on this tour, and once they are gone, they're gone for good! Stay tuned for tour dates!

Brimstone Howl-"Magic Hour" cassettes are OUT NOW!! These are the final Brimstone Howl sessions, recorded by Jim Diamond in Detroit back in 2009. These tapes are limited to only 100 hand-numbered copies on solid red cassette, with instert. HUGE thanks to our friends at Certified PR Records for asking us to do these. The LP version is available through them, though we do have a handful of copies in stock on our mailorder! We also have some copies of the brand new Brimtone Howl-"Blowhard Deluxe" LPs, out now on Dead Beat Records! Head over to the Mailorder page and check these out!!

We're gearing up for another label showcase here in Omaha! This year it will take place at O'leaver's Pub on Saturday, January 18th, and will feature some of the best rock n roll acts Omaha has to offer!! Perfoming will be Worried Mothers, Touch People and Pleasure Adapter!! If you are in the Omaha area come check it out!!

That's about it for now! We have a handful of releases coming up already in 2014, so check back soon and often for updates!!

Wow! Been a SUPER long time since we've updated here. Between my computer crashing, being inbetween jobs, working at our print shop/door shifts at the bar and dubbing tapes non-stop, I haven't had the time or recources to update the site! Just got a new laptop so now that I am actually able to update the site, I will try to keep you up to date on what is going on!

First up, we just released two BRAND NEW tapes for International Cassette Store Day, which took place Saturday, October 6th. Our "unofficial" releases for the day were Touch People's "Brain Massage"cassette, limited to only 100 copies, and a new noise project by our good friend, Cooper Lakota Moon called Lurk Late, limited to only 25 copies. Stream both albums at the links above, the cassette version of "Brain Massage" can be purchased on our Bandcamp site HERE. The Lurk Late cassette is not yet available for online purchase.

Also OUT NOW is a S/T cassette by Jeff Ankenbauer's new band, Pleasure Adaptor. You may remember Jeff from the likes of The Shanks and Brimstone Howl. Stream and purchase the cassette at our BANDCAMP SITE.

The Worried Mothers cassettes are now SOLD OUT, though our good friends over at Doom Town Records have just released a BRAND NEW cassette by the Souix City transplants. Buy it and stream it over HERE.

That's about it for now. I should have all the new releases on the site by the end of the week, as well as a bunch of new distro from our friends at Certified PR Records! This year started out slow but we will be finishing it up with a BANG, with at least TWO more releases due out by the end of the year. Can't wait to tell you about them, so check back often!

Hey everyone! We have a HUGE update for you here! We've been SUPER busy here at the Rainy Road HQ, so read on to see what we've been up to!!

The long-awaited Baby Tears-Rusty Years LPs are in and ready ship! The LP has been released in cooperation with Omaha's DOOM TOWN RECORDS. Records are limited to ONLY 200 copies on black vinyl with screen printed covers, zerox inserts with lyrics and comes with FREE DOWNLOAD CODE!! All pre-orders will ship early next week.

Also out now is the Worried Mothers-S/T cassette! These Sioux City transplants picked up and moved to Omaha in March, 2011, and offer up 10 brand new tracks of experimental, maniacal psych-punk, though their music and live set set are "unclassifiable and blisteringly beautiful, fueled by animalistic drums and pummeling guitars and interwoven with mid-century radio broadcasts." -Omahype
Limited to 100 copies on red cassette, with download code!

We are gearing up for a double release show and label showcase Sunday, Oct 7th at Barley Street Tavern in Omaha, NE. Sharing the stage will be Baby Tears, Worried Mothers, Peace of Shit, and Lenguas Largas from Tucson, AZ. More details from the show will be announced soon.

Up next will be a CDR replication of Watching the Train Wreck's "Serve Very Loud" 7". The sold out lathe-cut 7" was limited to only 50 copies. The CDR will be limited to only 30 copies, and will be made to resemble the 7" in every detail, from the screen printed covers to the center labels featuring a homeless man holding a cardboard sign with the song titles, except it is a CDR, and not a 7".

Also coming up will be a Rainy Road compilation cassette, featuring all of your favorite scum fuck Rainy Road bands including some previously unreleased Brimstone Howl tracks!! Super excited for this and more details will be announced when we have em!

Also AVAILABLE NOW are the Peace of Shit-Business As Usual cassette, Snake Island! S/T cassette, and Brimstone Howl-Singles Collection cassette reissues!! Check em out!! New items have been added to the mailorder, so jump all over those before they're gone!! It's been a great year here at the Rainy Road HQ and we hope this finds everyone in good spirits!!

We are now taking pre-orders for the upcoming Baby Tears "Rusty Years" LP. This is the first full length LP for both Baby Tears and Rainy Road. Pre-order comes with an immediate download of the entire album and is available NOW at our Bandcamp site HERE. LP will be limited to only 200 copies on black vinyl with screen printed covers.

"This disgusting slab is drippng with scab picked riffs, slut skutt groves, and melodic howls that are more infectious than a ten dollar hooker... this record stabbed my turntable and shot up with the needle. Now my whole record collection has AIDS". -Wayne Pain (ex-Fag Cop)

The next release will be Snake Island!'s S/T cassette. The release date is set for Friday, June 22nd at the Waiting Room Lounge in Omaha, where they will be sharing the stage with Rock, Paper, Dynamite, Dim Light, and The Decatures. This show will also serve as Snake Island!'s vinyl re-release and tour kick-off party. Advanced copies of the cassette will be available on our website soon.

We have just changed our shipping address from our PO Box in midtown Omaha, NE to our recently opened screen printing studio downtown. The new address will be posted on our "CONTACT" page HERE.

Omaha's Rock N Roll outfit Saudi Arabia(formerly the Dinks) have announced that "after nearly 4 years of debauchery, different band names, member changes, and full on rock and fuckin roll", that they will be "hanging it up". But not a minute before recording their entire catalog and releasing a 15-song cassette on Rainy Road Records, due out just in time for one final showdown!! Their final show and cassette release will be Saturday, March 10th at O’leaver’s Pub with the debut performance of Thee Eightysevens(members of Bloodcow).

Peace of Shit will be releasing his second album, "Business As Usual", in cassette form on Rainy Road Records. The release date is set for Saturday, March 24th at Brothers Lounge where they will be sharing the stage with Digital Leather and Baby Tears!! I have yet to see an event page for this show, but I've been told about it by members of all three bands, so I guess that means its on. Pre-orders for both of these releases will start sometime around the end of February/early March.

Digital Leather's tour dates(happening now!!):
2/09 Seattle, WA@ Comet Tavern w/ Crypts, Grave,Dude York & Sick Secrets
2/10 Portland, OR@ East End w/ Therapists, Fine Pets & DJ Chris Hnat
2/11 Oakland, CA@ 1-2-3-4 Go! Records w/ Blasted Canyons & Glitz
2/13 San Diego, CA@ Soda Bar w/ Tar Halos
2/14 Tucson, AZ@ Plush w/ Lenguas Largas & Otherly Love
2/16 Phoenix, AZ@ Rhythm Room w/ Acid Dawgz, Weird Ladies & Ryan’s New Band
2/17 El Paso, TX@ M’s Lips w/ Boring Boyfriends, Villes & Bat/Caves
2/18 Austin, TX@ Beerland

First of all, Happy New Year from Rainy Road Records!! I hope everyone had a safe and happy weekend! I decided to use this page as the news feed instead of linking to a blog site that I have to reset the password everytime I want to update it. Our first releases of 2012 are already in the works, and we are excited to release the details once things get finalized and closer to having a release date. Sign up for our mailing list above to be the first to hear about them and get special offers on pre-orders, downloads and more!!

Baby Tears will be hitting the road this Wednessday, Jan. 4th in support of their new 7" out now on Rainy Road Records! They will be joining Omaha's The Fucking Party for 4 dates on the last leg of their current tour. Check out the dates and watch a video from their NYE set at the Sandbox in Omaha HERE. While you are there you can stream or download their yet-to-be-released full length, Rusty Years, which will be released in some physical form sometime in 2012.

I think that is about it for now. Check back often for the lastest news, tour dates, releases, and we are constantly adding new titles to our ever-growing mail order catalog!! I hope 2012 finds everyone well and in good health.

Rainy Road Records was formed in March, 2010 in Omaha, NE. We offer limited edition 7" records and cassette tapes. We also do distribution for other record labels from the U.S. and all over the world, and are constantly adding new titles to the mailorder, so check back often! Our mailorder ships to anywhere in the world. All of our releases come with a code for a free download. Check out the "Downloads" page where you can stream or download all of our releases, most of them for free!! Including Watching the Train Wreck's out-of-print self-titled 7" and Brimstone Howl's out-of-print Singles Collection!!