BABY TEARS: Rusty Years: LP
Three songs into this, something sounded off. Suddenly I realized that I just may have been listening to this at the wrong speed. D'oh! At 45 RPM, this record was highly intriguing and came across like a mash-up of the Lost Sounds and Xbxrx. At 33 RPM, which I'm assuming is the intented speed, this sounds more like Francis Harold And The Holograms style noise-punk and, sometimes, like an even more unconventional Birthday Party. The lo-fi recording and the silk screened cover convince me that this is indeed a DIY product and not just some hipster douche's self wank fest. It's an interesting listen, for sure. I just wish it was meant to be played at 45. -Juan Espinosa
Review in issue #71 of Razorcake.

ARSENE OBSCENE-Apparently, this is a one-man garage punk band and it fuckin' rules. Coming straight from a grimy bedroom in France straight to your ears, this has more blown out energy and good riffs than most other garage dreck around. It has a really good late-HEARTBREAKERS and DEAD BOYS feel to it, except the songs are (thankfully) shorterand sound like they are run through three Big Muffs. Totally great shit here! If Shane White was reviewing this, he would totally want to suck tis guy's dick. (Greg)
Review in issue #346 of Maximum RockNRoll.

Baby Tears - "Homeless Corpse / She Sells Eggs" - 7" Review
"What do you think a band with ex-members of The Faint and Run For Your Fucking Life would sound like? My guess was “an upbeat mix of Devoid Of Faith and No Doubt”, because who wouldn’t want to hear that, but nope, Baby Tears are a far more approachable brew. “Homeless Corpse” sounds like Mudhoney if grunge never existed, vaguely gothic (as is today’s popular style), but without forsaking loud, rocking guitars and shouted/screamed vocals in the process. I love the title “She Sells Eggs”, and it’s got a punker vibe, the bass guitar slobbering all over a song that Le Shok could’ve easily written a decade ago. I like both cuts, and would imagine Baby Tears are one of the more exciting acts stomping around Omaha. If I was stuck there, I’d want to make music that sounds like this too." -YellowGreenRed

---Baby Tears - "Homeless Corpse / She Sells Eggs" - 7" Review
"...the most blown out peaking trash sound since the Mayyors...some of the best moments of Terror Visions, there's still a lot of possibilites in that Units combination of synth-punk..." -7inches

---Baby Tears: Self-titled: 7" single
Trashy, fuzzed-out, and distorted garage gnarl. The first song, "Homeless Corpse," is a jumpy and noisy fucking tune. Drums are hammered, guitars are throttled, the singer exclaims that he "don't like it!" and a haze of feedback hangs in the air. But it's the song on the second side, "She Sells Eggs," that that keeps this on the record player a bit longer. The drums are punchyand chunky; the bass that comes in with its thick and turgid sound is what makes this one a winner. The riffs are close to pummeling, but never beating you over the head. They're more about rocking out and getting off.
Review by Matt Average in Razorcake issue #67.

I Make Babies Cry/Army of 2600
Trains Atlantic Rage/El' Diablos Bloncos
4-Way Split Cassette
Cassette Review in Crucial Changes

Peace of Shit-S/T cassette
Cassette/Live Review by Tim McMahan in Lazy-I

"Debut album from Omaha's newest sensations Peace of Shit. Peace of Shit is the new band of Austin Ulmer who also plays in Digital Leather. Peace Of Shit inhabit the mid-ground between the more rockin Demon's Claws stuff and maybe the Black Lips' more haunted BFTG moments!! If you’re into the Omaha garage rock lineage of stuff like Brimstone Howl, the Terminals and Forbidden Tigers, you’ll dig this one. HAND NUMBERED OUT OF 100 COPIES ON A BLUE TAPE WITH A FREE ALBUM DOWNLOAD CODE!!" -Tom, Dead Beat Records

---PEACE OF SHIT-This is the third tape that I've reviewed from Rainy Road records and I can see they have a real love for the reverbed-out, super fuzzy garage rock. This is done right and hints at DIGITAL LEATHER, early JAY REATARD and MEERCAZ (if MEERCAZ had hooks and energy). This is angsty, tough and solid. (Greg)
Review in issue #346 of Maximum RockNRoll.

Watching The Train Wreck "Serve Very Loud" EP
Hey, what a trainwreck of a name, huh?! Hey now! WTTW are from Omaha, home to...uh...Warren Buffett. And the Brimstone Howl. Cool dudes, all of them. "I Am The Machine" is a shit-fi blast of punk rock with eardrum-shattering guitar solos and a swirling rhythm not unlike a log hastily circling the bowl on its way to the sewer. I like this. "Money Don't Buy Happiness" is a dum-dum Midwest rocker, anthemic garage-metal almost. B-Side has "Soundman Scum" which is a plodding-punk middle finger and they close with "Rainy Road", a fittingly angry and pissy guitar blowout which summons some nasty stringed elements and has the best vocal of the bunch. A nice slice of shit-fi Midwestern rock that certainly isn't trying to be hip or trendy, just loud and loose. I'll keep an eye on these kids. Scum stats: 50 lathe-cut copies with silkscreened sleeves and download code.(RK)
(Rainy Road Records // Review by Rich Kroneiss in Terminal Boredom

---Watching The Train Wreck- Serve Very Loud LATHE CUT 7”-
"Ok Record collectors, this is a rarity in the making. Debut single here from Watching The Train Wreck who are one of Omaha, NE’s best lil kept secrets. Right up their with local faves Brimstone Howl and the Forbidden Tigers, Watching The Train Wreck are basically Brimstone Howl but they've gone rawer than hell and turned it all the way over to primitive. Imagine the Black Lips teaming up with Oblivians, throw in some the bash n crash of the Reatards and yer there. An absolute monster of a debut here. LATHE CUT SINGLE AND LIMITED TO A CRIMINALLY LOW 50 HAND NUMBERED COPIES. PRESSED ON CLEAR WAX WITH AWESOME LOOKING HOME MADE, HAND STENCILED COVERS. FUCK YA!"
Tom-Dead Beat Records

---Watching the Train Wreck-"Serve Very Loud" EP
If you've been following the tiny cluster of recent garage-lean bands outta Omaha, Watching the Train Wreck offers up a familiar cast of characters. The four tunes here are absolutely no-frills punk rock, though each manages to have a great guitar scrawl that recalls early CHEATER SLICKS and other champion lost-cause rockers. This provides an entirely suitable soundtrack for a night of solo drinking.
Review by Mitch Cardwell in Maximum RockNRoll issue #345.

Brimstone Howl "Singles Collection" cassette
We're big fans of the Howl here at TB HQ, and it's been fun watching them bang it out for a few years. Shameless plug, but if you want some real insight into these guys, there's a great interview with them in Scratch'n'Sniff zine #2. Numerous singles and three LPs (four if you include that early CD-only thing) so far, and they have a good handle on their place in the underground hierarchy. I think they've done pretty well for themselves, and I imagine they could be contenders for something a little bigger than Alive/Total Energy, but I'm not sure what that would be...I think a lot of TB readers might find them too traditional. Not weird enough perhaps, and this may be the same thing that keeps them in the upper-middle-class of a Bomp offshoot label, but not quite on the hipster radar of your Pitchfork/Vice crowd that dig on the Black Lips and such. Or maybe it's because they haven't really written a complete knock-out of an LP (but still have penned two very good ones). Sometimes I think it's their "straightness" that causes them to stand out for me and actually makes them "weird" in their own right. Who knows. Fact is, they're one of the best true rock'n'roll bands on the planet, capable of writing catchy and honest songs that actually rock pretty fucking exceptionally. This cassette compiles most of their singles action, including bonafide smash hits like "Lynne", "In the Valley", "Uptight" and "Tunnel of Love"- fifteen tracks total, plus one unreleased cut. A lot of this material is probably still available on wax if you look close enough, and all of their seven-inches are worth owning if you ask me. Still, this is a handy compendium and a great intro to the band if you're unfamilair and a far better starting point than any of their full lengths. Honestly, I wouldn't mind having this pup on tapes, with download, first pressing of 100 is (rightfully) sold out, but it's wisely been re-"pressed", albeit in a shorter run.(RK)
(Rainy Road Records //

Review by Rich Kroneiss on Terminal Boredom

---A collection on cassette of all of this Nebraska band's 45 vinyl based output. Nihilistic guitar brutes utilize a chord or two and a drumbeat to maintain the thuggish ape outlok neessary for survival in current climes. If you drive a trans amand like to eat donuts while listening to LINK WRAY and basking in disdainful gazes from authoritative types this cassette will set you right. A legal high for those with no experience necessary. Don't overthink it. Someone will legislate against your kind. (Layla)
-Review in Issue #356 of Maximum RockNRoll

The Shanks "I'd Fuck Me" cassette
Part of the cornbelt Nebraska scene that birthed Brimstone Howl, Spread Eagles, Fag Cop and more Termbo favorites, The Shanks have perhaps been overlooked in comparison to some of their scene brethren, but have still dished good material here and there. A couple of singles on Boomchick (the flag waver for this little geographical niche, and a label that had a good but brief run) would have made one really good 7" if you combined the best songs (like "Cut Me" and "Dead Flowers"...), and I swear there was a split 7" or a tape or CDR in there somehwere...but their most recent EP on TTT ("Backstabber") was a great effort from start to finish and made me glad to see them back in the ring. This tape is all unreleased, from two different sessions, the A-Side sounding a little more polished, and the flip some rawer leftovers from a Brooks Hitt session at Boomchick HQ. Fifteen cuts of pissed off heartland punk rock, somewhere between the misogynistic Dead Boys-influenced slop of The Reatards and the darker and less weird moments of The Feelers. Dirtbag stuff like "Sex Feels So Good", "Throwaway Girls" and "I Got Fleas" really scratch that scumpunk itch if you're feeling the need. Sloppy shit with zero pop influence and maximum attitude problem. I'm not going to say this qualifies as great, but it's quite good for the form and I just listened to it three fucking times, so there's something there. 100 copies, pro tapes, and I really like the cover design.(RK)
(Rainy Road Records //

Review by Rich Kroneiss in Terminal Boredom

THE SHANKS-Raw, loud, raucous, blown out rock'n'roll from members of DIGITAL LEATHER and BABY TEARS. Do you like drunken scumfuck dudes yelling at you from the stage with song titles like "Throwaway Girls," "She Could Be a Hooker," and "Sex Feels So Good"? Do you like sloppy, screamy, falling apart punk? Yes? Here is your tape. (Greg)
Review in issue #346 of Maximum RockNRoll.


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